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Experience the Pride, Power and Passion!

Pittsburgh Performance Project is a competitive performing ensemble. P3 strives to provide its cast members with the opportunity for growth in color guard and dance training, as well as choreography, education and performance.

The Pittsburgh Performance Project aims to teach, entertain and communicate.

P3CG and P3DC cast members experience what it is like to create in a real-world studio setting 

and perform competitively and non-competitively in various performance forums.

Pittsburgh Performance Project provides its cast members with the opportunity to:

- Learn more about color guard and dance as a performing and artistic medium

- Train for a heightened level of technical understanding and strength

- Gain valuable knowledge about the choreographic, design and education process

- Experiment with the development of personal choreography in a safe and educational environment

- Perform and compete in a variety of venues and forums

Since 1997, Pittsburgh Performance Project has existed to offer young people a quality educational and performance experience in color guard and dance. P3 Color Guard and P3 Dance Company participation helps develop cast members into culturally enriched, caring, motivated, responsible and goal-oriented adults.

Pittsburgh Performance Project has consistently set new standards in the pageantry arts while maintaining an extremely positive cast membership experience.

Currently, the group thrills and inspires younger performers and audiences at local shows hosted by Three Rivers Winter Ensemble Association and the Tournament Indoor Association.

If you are interested in becoming a part of Pittsburgh Performance Project, please take a moment and fill out the application.

Contact us: