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What is it like to attend a casting call for Pittsburgh Performance Project?

A casting call is an opportunity for the staff to evaluate your talent, technique, personality and potential. You will be exposed to Pittsburgh Performance Project equipment and movement foundations in addition to learning equipment and movement choreography. You will meet some of the staff and designers, as well as enjoy the company of other performers and have FUN!

What can I do to prepare?

-Stretch, dance, spin and twirl every day.

-Take a dance class. 

Who is Pittsburgh Performance Project looking for?

The Pittsburgh Performance Project staff looks for the potential, self-confidence, work ethic, talent, desire and personality of each performer. Possess a commanding stage presence, be strong, engaging, look the part, act confident, perform to the best of your ability and bring life and energy to what you are doing. These are key factors desired by the staff.

When are casting calls?

Please check the P3 Winter Guard Details or P3 Dance Company Details link for casting call dates, times and locations for Pittsburgh Performance Project '21 - '22 season.

***If you are attending a casting call, please take a moment and fill out the online application

What if I cannot attend the designated casting call?

If you are unable to attend, you may simply attend the Call Backs listed on the schedule.

Pease note: Registration fee applies for applicants.

Please contact us at if have any questions.

How much does it cost to register?

A onetime, non-refundable $35 registration fee must be paid at time of application submission. Payment Center

What should I bring?

- Black fitted clothing

- Water, snacks and/or lunch

- You will need to bring a rifle and/or sabre if you plan to spin for a weapon spot. Flags will be provided.

What should I wear?

Wear BLACK comfortable, form fitting clothing, something that allows you to have flexibility. Shorts, boxers, tights, dance wear, etc. Dance shoes or bare feet, whichever you prefer. We do need to be able to see your ankles and feet. Hair should up or back and out of your face. Weapon performers will want to bring gloves. Also, please bring tennis shoes for the conditioning.

What are the casting calls technical elements?


Every potential cast member will spin flag and dance during the casting call process. Sabre and rifle are not required. However, those interested in rifle or sabre should have solid body control and breathe support, as well as the ability to display solid tosses from triples through sixes.


Every potential cast member will twirl baton and dance during the casting call process and should have solid body control, breathe support and poise.

Dance Company

Every potential cast member will dance during the casting call process and should have solid body control, breathe support and poise.

Prepare for body layering with all equipment exercises and choreography

If you are interested in becoming a part of Pittsburgh Performance Project, please take a moment and fill out the application.

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