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What is Pittsburgh Performance Project?

Pittsburgh Performance Project is an independent winter guard, dance, twirler and performing arts company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a youth education, performing-arts organization, we are dedicated to the development of self-esteem and self-reliance of adolescents. We encourage team work, sportsmanship, civic pride and contributions of one's personal best to a group effort through a musical and performance focused activity in which there is a blending of the arts and athletics. Pittsburgh Performance Project exists to offer young people a quality educational and performance experience, which in turn develops them into culturally enriched, caring, motivated, responsible and goal oriented adults. These lessons are learned through activities in which there is a blending of the arts and athletics called guard, dance and twirlers.

How old do you have to be to join?

Pittsburgh Performance Project is open to ages 5 and older.

**Although some of our members are high school age, we do not actively recruit from high schools that have a guard, dance and twirler programs.

What if I am still in high school?

High School Student Membership Policy

**Anyone may attend a casting call for Pittsburgh Performance Project just for the experience**


We prefer a student perform in his or her high school color guard, twirler and dance program until graduation. However, we also believe in the freedom of every person to make their own choices regarding where they perform and who they receive instruction from.


High school students who attend a school with a competitive winter guard will be required by Pittsburgh Performance Project to have a letter of intent/support written by their parents and/or a release from the director of the affiliated high school program.

 I do not have a lot of experience, can I still join?

Yes! Pittsburgh Performance Project cast members have a variety of experience levels.  

Can I be in school or work and still perform with Pittsburgh Performance Project?

ABSOLUTELY! Almost all of Pittsburgh Performance Project cast members are full time students or have jobs. Many of them do both! Please compare the Pittsburgh Performance Project schedule to your work and/or school to see if there might be any conflicts. You will find that most of the time, things can be worked out. And, if you find you have a lot of conflicts between rehearsals/performances and school or work, you may need to reconsider joining Pittsburgh Performance Project.

How often does Pittsburgh Performance Project rehearse?

Pittsburgh Performance Project Open Guard rehearses twice a week. This is generally a 6-8 hour block per rehearsal. During season or for camp weekends, we may rehearse longer hours. In extremely rare circumstances, we may rehearse on Friday evenings prior to a competition. Pittsburgh Performance Project Cadets, Regional A and Senior Guards, as well as Twirlers and Dance Company rehearse once a week. Additional and extended rehearsals may take place throughout the season. Pittsburgh Performance Project rehearsal schedule, along with a schedule of fund raisers and other events, can be found on the season schedule page.

Pittsburgh Performance Project ask each prospective cast member to review the schedule and predict any scheduling conflicts with rehearsals & performances before making a commitment. To achieve the highest level of excellence, attendance at all rehearsals and performances is compulsory. Dedication and commitment is paramount. Attendance at all rehearsals, performances, competitions and trips is mandatory.

How much does it cost to perform with your organization?

The unique opportunity of performing with an independent winter guard is an expense. Cast member tuition fees are based on numerous cost variables of running the organization. Tuition varies based on the cost of equipment, props, sets, costumes, lodging, transportation, rehearsal facilities fees, competition fees, staff fees, the number of cast members we have, as well as, other costs to run the program.

Tuition for each program varies. Depending which program you are cast, fees are between $800 and $1500. To assist our cast members, manageable monthly payments are spread across the season.

P3 PPS is fee free to all current Pittsburgh Public School students from 7-12 grades.

Don't let money keep you from doing what you love!!! We have many fund raisers and sponsorship programs to assist you.

Do I need to purchase my own equipment?

Flags are provided. However, if you are on the sabre or rifle line, you must purchase your own weapons.

39 inch "The King Sabres"

36 inch "King Kong Rifles" with black bolt and black strap.

To purchase your weapons, please visit

I can’t find the answer to my question. Where can I get the answer?

E-mail us at! It will be our pleasure to answer any questions you may have for us!

If you are interested in becoming a part of Pittsburgh Performance Project, please take a moment and fill out the application

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