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P3 on Parade is an opportunity for anyone ages 8 and up. All ability and experience levels welcome.

The main goal is to provide every student with an outdoor experience focused on the color guard, twirl and dance activity. Through intensive technique & choreography classes in dance, twirl, flag, rifle, sabre, marching, and theatrics, P3 on Parade provides students the tools necessary for success in the marching and performing arts. 


  • Building self-confidence

  • Technique & vocabulary

  • Toss variety

  • Body projection

  • Integrating movement with equipment

  • Artistic & creative expression

  • Team-building & uniformity

  • Having fun & making friends!

In addition to class sessions, students will participate in community building activities, performance opportunities (parades, community festivals, etc.) and more! Please note: all performances are mandatory. 

The tuition cost for P3 on Parade includes: 

  • Class sessions

  • Staff & instruction

  • Performance entry fees

  • Rehearsal facilities

  • Insurance

  • Performance footwear

  • Performance costume(s) (use)

  • Equipment and props (use)


  • Registration fee

  • Studio attire

  • Personal undergarments

  • Personal items for body, hair & face

  • Show make-up

  • Cast member jacket & duffel bag ($165) *Optional

  • Travel to and from rehearsals

  • Travel to and from performances 

Tuition & Fees

03/01/23 - $45 Registration Fee

Tuition Payment Schedule

04/01/23 - $65

05/01/23 - $65

06/01/23 - $65

07/01/23 - $65

08/01/23 - $65

SAVE 15% by paying in full on 03/01/23

What to Bring

Flag (provided)

Baton (optional)

Rifle (optional)

Sabre (optional)

Running Shoes




Medical Release Waiver

COVID-19 Liability Waiver

P3 ON PARADE! Tuition Payment, Details & Schedule

Use the following links to enroll in P3 ON PARADE

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